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1. Ajó, totus a su Poetu!

Let’s go, everyone to the Poetto!
Unu piciocu tedescu (A) domandat a unu piciocu sardu (B) ita depit fai po arribai a su Poetu, sa plaja de Casteddu. A young German man (A) asking a young Sardinian man (B) his way to the Poetto, Cagliari’s city beach.
A Scusamí, depu andai a su Poetu. Ita depu fai? Sorry, I need to go to the Poetto. What should I do?
B Pagu cosa. Si ndi calas innoi, de via Napoli, arribas in via Roma. Est ingunis. Dda biis? Passas s’arruga e ses a sa firmada de su pullman. Depis pigai su P. Very easy. If you go down here on Via Napoli, you’ll arrive at Via Roma. It’s over there. Do you see? Cross the street and you’ll be at the bus stop. Take the P bus.
A Gratzias meda. A si biri. Many thanks. Bye.
B A si biri. (…) Hm, scusamí, ti dda potzu domandai una cosa? Bye-bye. (…) Hm, excuse me, may I ask you a question?
A E certu! Of course!
B Tui no ses sardu, annó? You’re not Sardinian, are you?
A No, seu tedescu. Poita? No, I’m German. Why?
B Poita fueddas in sardu. Babu sardu tenis, o mama? Because you speak Sardinian. Do you have a Sardinian father or mother?
A No, babu e mama funt tedescus tot’e is duus. No, my father and my mother are both Germans.
B Boh. E comenti fais a chistionai su sardu? I don’t understand. How can you speak Sardinian?
A Eh… Eh …


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Volantino GigaSardinian per i vostri clienti (hotel, ristoranti, bar, negozi, B & B).

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GigaSardinian teaches you the Sardinian language. The Android app is the core of the project.

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  1. Now listen to each sentence until you understand which sound corresponds to which word.
  1. Check the translation in the right column and try to understand the meaning of the Sardinian words.
  1. Finally memorize the word lists (see the PDF).
  1. Repeat each chapter the next day (Day 1) and on Day 3, Day 6, Day 10 and Day 15.
  1. Last not least, document your study time in the GigaSardian Worksheet: bsk1.com/GSWorksheet.


Félix, a 13-year-old French-American boy from Paris, demonstrating the GigaSardinian app.

App content

Click the three vertical points inside the GigaSardinian app (top right) and download more content (see examples):

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  1. Elio Turno Arthemalle: www.bsk1.com/eta

Actor, artistic director, playwright and radio talk show host. One of his programs, Buongiorno Cagliari, has been on air for the last 10 years.

He regularly collaborates with Middlebury College (Vermont, USA), offering acting workshops to students of Italian.

Founder of two theater companies (Riverrun Theater and Impossible Theater), his interests span from the classics to the contemporary, from technology and science (collaborations with INAF and Sardinia Ricerche) to social impact (CGIL, therapeutic communities, ASL, various NGOs).


  1. Bernd Sebastian Kamps: www.bsk1.com

Director of the Amedeo Medical Literature guide (Amedeo.com).

Between 1991 and 2015, author and editor of numerous medical textbooks (HIV/AIDShivbook.com [16 editions], SARSSarsReference.com, InfluenzaInfluenzaReport.com, Hepatitis CHepatologyTextbook.com).

Author of several language manuals (French [3], Italian [3], Spanish, English, Sardinian).

Author of The Word Brain (www.TheWordBrain.com) and Ear2Memory (www.Ear2Memory.com).

Author of OLIENA (Open Language Interface for Enhanced Network Activity, www.oliena.com).