21 November 2018:

GigaSardinian web pages

Chapter 1-14, audio and text.


20 November 2018:

GigaSardinian Orgosolo

A Multimedia Language Course

Anteprima edition (50 of 200 pages) and 7 out of 13 audio files.

Install the GigaSardinian app and proceed as follows:

  • Open the menu (three vertical dots at the right top corner)
  • Select “Download”
  • Click “GigaSardinian Orgosolo”
  • After the download: Click the folder button (at the left bottom corner) and select “GigaSardinianOrgosolo 001”


28 October 2018:

Chapter 9: Sa Macedonia di Amos

Listen, read and download the anteprima PDF.


18 October 2018:

Chapter 8: Sa Colonia

Listen, read and download the anteprima PDF.


31 August 2018:

GigaSardinian Word: English German Italian French Spanish

1300 Words


5 July 2018:

GigaSardinian: Insegnando il sardo al mondo

Versione italiana. .


11 June 2018:

GigaSardinian: Teaching Sardinian to the World

Download the PDF and install the Android app.