The App

    Install the Android app.

GigaSardinian teaches you the Sardinian language. The Android app is the core of the project.

  1. First longclick the folder button (bottom left) and select your language (example: English German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Tagalog). 

To open the language menu, longclick the folder button (bottom left).

  1. Now listen to each sentence until you understand which sound corresponds to which word.
  1. Check the translation in the right column and try to understand the meaning of the Sardinian words.
  1. Finally memorize the word lists (see the PDF).
  1. Repeat each chapter the next day (Day 1) and on Day 3, Day 6, Day 10 and Day 15.
  1. Last not least, document your study time in the GigaSardian Worksheet:


Félix, a 13-year-old French-American boy from Paris, demonstrating the GigaSardinian app.

Click the three vertical points inside the GigaSardinian app (top right) and download more content (see examples):

  1. GigaRobinson: Robinson Crusoe, read by Elio Arthemalle
  1. GigaRossella: Sardinian songs by Rossalla Faa
  1. GigaZio: 84 vital words and sentences, by Francesco Cocco