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3: Sardu in su cellulare e in su tablet (2)

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B Catzu, non bi credo! Est sardu sardu! Sardu de inoghe. Orgolesu própriu. Fuck, I can’t believe it. It’s Sardinian-Sardinian. Sardinian from here. Pure Orgolesu!
A L’ant fatu unu sardu e unu tedescu. Su pitzinnu sardu si narat Élio. A Sardinian and a German did it. The name of the Sardinian guy is Elio.
B Élio? Ite bellu, comente a mime. Elio? Nice, like me!
A Ah, piaghere, deo so Sebástian. Ah, pleased to meet you, I’m Sebastian.
B Piaghere, Sebástian. E custu áteru Élio, chie est? The pleasure is mine, Sebastian. And this other Elio, who is he?
A Élio Arthemalle. Elio Arthemalle.
B Ah, issu! Tzertu, dae [giai] lu connosco. Est cussu tipu de Buongiorno Cagliari, de sa trasmissione de Radio X? Ah, him! Of course, I know him! He’s that guy from Buongiorno, Cagliari, the broadcaster on Radio X?
A Eja! Yes, that’s him.
B Ascurta, custa istoria m’agradat. A mi nde allegas? Upo [Fia] andande deo puru a Montes. Andamus paris? Look, I like this story. Will you tell me? I was going to Montes, too. Shall we go together?
A Andat bene, ma upo isetande cosa de amigos meos. (…) Ah, abista, nche sunt arribados. That’s fine with me, but I was waiting for my friends. (…) Ah, look, here they come.
Cussu pitzinnu in [cun] duas pitzinnas? Ah, ah. That guy with the two girls? Interesting…




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