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2: Sardu in su cellulare e in su tablet (1)

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Unu pitzinnu sardu (B) dimandat proite unu turista tedescu (A) allegat in sardu. A young Sardinian man (B) asking why a German tourist (A) speaks Sardinian.
A Apo imparadu su sardu in d’unu libru. I learned Sardinian with a book.
B In d’unu libru? Ma ite ses narande? Su sardu no s’imparat in sos libros, oh! With a book? What are you saying? You can’t conceivably learn Sardinian with books, can you?
A Non b’at solu su libru, b’at vintras un’app. In pagas paráulas: apo imparadu su sardu in su cellulare e in su tablet. There isn’t only a book, there is also an app. In other words: I learned Sardinian with a cell-phone and a tablet.
B Brullande ses? Are you kidding?
A Nono. Faghe gosi, vae [bae] su PlayStore e chilca [circa] GigaSardinian. In d’unu minutu t’iscárrigas totu. E b’at vintras cantzones meda bellas e s’istória de Robinson Crusoe. Not at all. Come on, go to the PlayStore and search for GigaSardinian. In a minute you download everything. And there are also wonderful songs and the story of Robinson Crusoe.
B O amigu, mi ses pigande in giru? Oh man, but are you playing me?
A A nono! Abista inoghe… No, not at all. Look here…
. A amostrat a B sa App de GigaSardinian. A shows B the GigaSardinian app.
B Catzu, non bi credo! Est sardu sardu! Sardu de inoghe. Orgolesu própriu. Fuck, I can’t believe it. It’s Sardinian-Sardinian. Sardinian from here. Pure Orgolesu!




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