Chapter 014

14: Sa crema de limoni de tzia Lella

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  Is amigus arribant a sa praja de Chia. Friends arrive at Chia beach.
F Mí sa bellesa! E no parit de essi a is Caráibis? ‘Ta coloris bellus, o piciocus! Look what splendor! Doesn’t it seem to be in the Caribbean? What beautiful colors, guys!
C Eus tentu fortuna. S’est capitada una dí tropu bella! We have had luck. We have a magnificent day.
F Poneus s’ombrelloni a faci de s’isuledda. Po prexeri, poni is bussas cun sa cosa de papai a s’umbra. Let’s put the umbrella in front of the islet. Please put the bags with food in the shade.
C ‘Ta prexu mannu! S’acua est buddendi! Ajó, totus a s’acua! Si nci ghetaus! Su primu chi arribat a s’isuledda, bincit. What a great pleasure! The water is hot (it’s boiling)! Come on, everyone in the water! Let’s dive! The first one who arrives at the islet, wins.
  Pasada un’ora. One hour later.
S Piticu su fámini! Papaus imoi! Una cosa po un’atra, Francesca: no si boliast fai tastai sa crema de limoni? I am so hungry! (little hunger) We eat now! By the way, Francesca: didn’t you want us to have taste the lemon cream?
  A Francesca ndi ci scapat s’arrisu. Francesca smiles. (‘a smile escapes…’)
F Si dd’apu a portai cras. Si nau sa retzeta? I’ll bring it to you tomorrow. Shall I tell you the recipe?
S Sa retzeta de tzia Lella est? Zia Lella’s recipe, you mean?
F Eja. 225 g de tzúcuru, 3 ous, 50 g de burru, duus limonis. Po unu minutu scumbatis is tres ous sentzerus cun su tzúcuru, aciungis su burru segau a arrogheddus e ponis totu a bagnumaria. Yes. 225 g of sugar, 3 eggs, 50 g of butter, two lemons. For a minute whisk the three whole eggs with the sugar, add the butter cut into chunks and put everything in a bain-marie.
S E chini est Maria? And who is Marie?
F Un’insalada! A salad!
  Totus ariint. Everyone laughs.
F Bagnumaria bolit nai una pingiada posta aintru de un’atra aundi c’est acua buddendi. Aici callentat, ma mai prus de 100 gradus. Bain-marie means a pot placed inside another where there is boiling water. So it heats up, but never more than 100 degrees.
S Gratzias. Eh, is leis de sa física… Thank you! Eh, the laws of physics …
F … chi fiant beni conotas de jajas nostas. Apustis tratas su croxu de duus limonis – e dona atentzioni: sceti sa parti groga, mai cussa bianca – e dd’aciungis a sa crema, cun ses cullieras de suciu de limoni. Giras totu impari e sa cosa est fata! … that were well known to our grandmothers. Then you grate the peel of two lemons – and be careful: only the yellow part, never the white one! – and add it to the cream, with 6 tablespoons of lemon juice. Stir everything together and it’s done!
S E cantu bortas depu amesturai sa crema? And how many times do I have to mix the cream?
F No ci nd’est abisóngiu, sa pingiada ti dda podis scaresci puru. Passaus 25 minutus, ndi dda tenis de su fogu, scumbatis pagu pagu sa crema e ci dda ponis in d’unu strexu. There is no need; you can also forget the pot. After 25 minutes, remove it from the cooker, whisk the cream a little and put it in a container.
S Spaciau aici? That’s all? (Finished like this?)
F Spaciau aici! That’s all!




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