Chapter 013

13: Corriera o machina?

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  Is amigus detzidint comenti arribai a Chia. Friends decide how to get to Chia.
E Comenti eus a fai po arribai a Chia, cras? Andaus in corriera? How will we get to Chia tomorrow? Shall we go by bus?
F Macu ses? In pullman ci bolit una dí. Are you crazy? In bus it will take a day!
E No est berus! De sa statzioni de is corrieras in pratza Matteotti arribas in d’un’ora e cuartu. E tenis puru s’aria frisca aintru. Arregorda-ti-ndi chi mancai in machina ci ponemus casi un’ora. That’s not true! From the bus station in Piazza Matteotti you arrive in an hour and a quarter. And inside you even have air conditioning. Remember that even by car we take almost an hour.
F E a ita ora partit custa corriera? And what time does this bus leave?
S Sa prima a is cincu de mengianu e sa segunda a mesudí. The first one at five in the morning and the second one at midday.
E Cussas chi pigu deu partint a is ses e mesu, a is seti e binti, a is otu e binti, a is úndixi e mesu e a mesudí e mesu. Sciobera tui… Those I take leave at 6:30, at 7:20, at 8:20, at 11:30 and at half past twelve. You choose…
F E arribaus a Domus de Maria, a dexi chilometrus atesu de Chia! And we arrive at Domus de Maria, 10 kilometers (far) from Chia!
E Ca nou, arribaus a su gabellotu chi abarrat a dexi minutus a pei de sa praja! Not at all, we arrive at the ‘bar tobacco’ which is a 10 minute walk from the beach.
S Manna est, sa praja? Is it big, the beach?
E Funt cuatru prajas cun promontórius e isuleddas. In totu, tres chilometrus. Ti podint abastai? There are four beaches with promontories and islets. All in all three kilometers. Can that (they) be enough?
S Nau, deu… I would say yes.
F E a ita ora torrant is corrieras? And what time do the buses leave?
E Pustiprangiu. A is cuatru e corantunu e a is otu e unu minutu. Emus a podi pigai sa macchina mia, ma totus no ci capeus. Ndi pigaus un’atra a pesoni? In the afternoon. At 4.41pm and at 8.01pm. We could take my car, but we don’t all fit into it. Shall we rent another one?
S Mancai! M’ant nau chi si podiant pigai acanta de sa statzioni ‘e totu. Why not! They told me that one can take them right near the station.
F Eja, ma fortzis est mellus andai a ndi pigai una a s’arioportu. Parit chi siant prus baratas. Est una cosa simpli a ndi scioberai una cun internet. Yes, but maybe it’s better to go and get one at the airport. It seems they are cheaper. It is easy to choose (reserve) one on the Internet.
S Sceti chi andai a s’arioportu cun su tassí est carixeddu. Only that going to the airport by taxi is expensive.
F Ita mi circas tassí! Ci andas cun su trenu de sa statzioni de pratza Matteotti. Su billetu costat pagu e nudda e arribas in cincu minutus. But why a taxi! You go by train from the Piazza Matteotti station. The ticket costs very little and you arrive in 5 minutes.
S E gé ndi scieis duas arrigas! You know a lot of tricks!
E Seus genti organizada, nosus! We are organized people!




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