Chapter 008

8: Sa colonia

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  Elio, Sebastian e is amigus insoru bufant e arriint in d’unu bar de su Poetu. A s’acabu torrant in tzitadi. Si ponint de acordiu po cuncordai una cena. Elio, Sebastian and their friends drink and laugh in a Poetu bar. Eventually they return to the city. They agree to prepare a dinner.
S Si torraus a biri? Custu merí puru, si boleis. Poita no beneis a domu? Faeus unu pratu de macarronis, pagu cosa, tanti po abarrai impari. See you? Even tonight, if you want. Why don’t you come to (our) home? We’ll make (a plate of) pasta, nothing special, just to be together.
E Cun prexeri! S’apu a portai sa fruta po una macedonia. Si ndi eis a lingi is didus. With pleasure! I will bring fruit for a fruit salad. You will lick your fingers.
F Beni fattu, o Elio. Deu s’apu a portai una cicara de crema de limoni, po si dda papai a mengianu cun su cafei. Est unu schissiu, ponei menti a mei. Excellent idea (well done), Elio. I will bring you a pot of lemon cream, to be eaten in the morning at breakfast (coffee). It’s a delight, believe me.
S E a inantis de papai, si ddu bufaus unu tzicheddu in pratza Yenne? And before diner (eating), we’ll have (drink) an aperitif in Piazza Yenne?
E Pratza Yenne? No, po caridadi! Est prenu de genti, est unu burdellu totu! Paridi una colonia ingresa. Piazza Yenne? No, for heaven’s sake! It’s full of people, it’s a big mess! It looks like an English colony.
F Tenis arrexoni! Parit ca is cambareris no scipiant mancu prus s’italianu. Tenint sceti s’ingresu in buca: “Hello, come in, please!” “Would you like to have lunch?” You are right! It seems that the maids don’t even speak Italian anymore. They only have English in their mouths: “Hello, come in, please!” “Would you like to have lunch?”
S Berus. Cun mei puru fueddant sempri s’ingresu. It’s true. Even with me they always speak English.
E E tui arrespundis: “No apu cumprendiu. Ita as nau?” And you answer: “I didn’t understand. What did you say?”
S Una dí gé dd’apu fatu. E i-cudda, mischina? Est abarrada achichiendi arrogalla de fueddus chi no boliant nai nudda. One day I did it. And that poor thing? She stayed there stuttering a mixture of words that didn’t mean anything.
E Ddi depiast nai: “Oh, sarda ses, annó? Poita no chistionas in sardu?” You had to say to her: “Oh, you’re Sardinian, aren’t you? Why don’t you speak in Sardinian?”
S E issa: “Oh, scusa, non lo parlo.” And she: “Oh, sorry, I don’t speak it.”
E E intzandus torra a domu e fai-ti-ddu imparai de babu e mama. Then go back home and have it taught to you by dad and mom!
S E cussa: “Non lo parlano neanche loro.” And she: “They don’t speak it either.”
E E intzandus bai anch’est jaju tuu e jaja tua e fueddas sardu cun issus. Then go to your grandfather and your grandmother and speak Sardinian with them.
F E t’iat a essi arrespundiu: “Nonna e nonno sono morti.” And she would have replied: “Grandma and grandpa are dead.”
E Eh, ma est mali pigada sa piciochedda! Eh, but the young girl is badly off!
F Mischinedda diaderus! A bivi in Sardegna e a no fueddai su sardu. Poor little thing, really! Living in Sardinia and not speaking Sardinian.
E Pitica sa bregungia! What a shame! (Small shame!)




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