Chapter 007

7: A su bar

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Elio arricit una telefonada. Si cumprendit chi est ponendisí de acordiu cun calincunu po un’atobiu a su bar a faci de sa Sedda de su Tiaulu. Elio receiving a phone call. He agrees with someone on an appointment at a bar at the Devil’s Saddle.
E Funti arribendi is amigus mius. Cumentzaus a andai a su bar? Tengu gana de spitzulai calincuna cosa. My friends are coming. Let’s start going to the bar? I wouldn’t mind nibbling on something.
Ch Eja, Eja. Deu puru seu morendi-mí de fámini. Ita c’esti? Yes, yes, I’m dying of hunger, too. What do they have?
E Paninus, pitzetas, fogatzas, pudda arrustia… Paninis, pizzas, focaccias, roast chicken …
F Ma inantis de totu acua! A arrusciadura! But first of all, water! So much water! (arrusciai = to water)
E Saludi. Dda teneis una mesa po dexi? Imoi seus in ses. Is atrus, in unu cuartu de (cuart’e) ora funt innoi. Hello! Do you have a table for 10 people? Right now, we are 6. The others will be here in a quarter of an hour.
Cam Prontus! Pigaisí cussa mesa ingunis, a manu manca. Imoi si portu su menu. Of course! Take that table there on the left. I’ll bring you the menu.
E Gratzias. Portasí puru duas ampuddas mannas de acua. Una naturali e s’atra cun bullucas. Thank you. Bring us also two large bottles of water, please. One natural and the other with bubbles.
Cam Mi dispraxit: teneus sceti ampudditas de mesu litru. Sorry, we only have small half-liter bottles.
E E intzandus, duas e duas. Then two and two.
Cam Atru pigais? Do you want anything else?
A Ita ndi narais, o piciocus? Cumentzaus cun d’un’ampudda de (ampudda’e) vermentinu po sfundi sa dí chi si seus connotus? Cun dexi tassas, po prexeri. What do you say, guys? Shall we start with a bottle of Vermentino to celebrate the day we first met? (…) With 10 glasses, please.
C E chini funt is amigus tuus? Ita ddis nanta? And who are your friends? What are their names?
E Ddis nanta Francesca, Monica, Cristina e Andrea. Funt genti de crica. S’ant a praxi, seu siguru. Piticu puru! Gé nd’eus a fai pagu de casinu… Their names are Francesca, Monica, Cristina and Andrea. They are sociable people. You’ll like them, I’m sure. 100%! We will be up to all sorts of things…
Totus arriendi. Everyone laughing.




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