Chapter 006

6: Su Poettu

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  Elio, Sebastian e is amigus suus arribant a sa prima firmada de su Poetu, propriu a faci a sa Sedda de su Tiaulu, connota in totu su mundu. Elio, Sebastian and his friends arrive at the first bus stop at Poetto beach, just in front of the Devil’s Saddle, known all over the world.
E Arribaus seus, o piciocus! Su Poetu, sa mega-plaja de sa tzitadi. Una de is prus bellas de su mundu! We here, guys! Il Poetto, the city’s mega-beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  Is piciocus s’acostant a ora de (or’e) mari, passendi in mesu a sa genti corcada in s’arena. Charlotte est spantada. The boys and girls approach the sea, passing between people lying on the sand. Charlotte is amazed.
Ch Gé est pagu longa! No acabat prus! It’s so long! There’s no end!
E Funt casi 8 chilometrus. E totu custu a cincu minutus de machina de is bixinaus becius. Ita si ndi parit? It’s almost 8 kilometers! And all this within a 5- minute drive of the old town neighborhoods. How do you feel about this?
  Charlotte s’acostat a s’acua. Charlotte approaches the water.
Ch De no crei. Benei a biri, piciocus! S’acua est trasparenti! Si biit puru piscixeddu… Unbelievable! Come and see, guys. The water is transparent! You can see small fishes!
E Eja, po mori de sa Sedda de su Tiaulu. S’acua de su portu no arrennescit a arribai innoi. Eja, thanks to the Devil’s Saddle. The waters of the port cannot get here.
Ch Est unu paradisu. It is a paradise.
F Oh! A paragoni, Paris Plage est una bassa. Of course, in comparison, Paris Plage is a cesspit.
Ch No torru prus a Amsterdam. Innoi totu asulu, ingunis totu murru. I’m not going back to Amsterdam anymore. Here everything (is) blue, there all (is) gray.
S Costumas a benni sempri innoi, Elio? Do you always come here, Elio?
E Ci podis contai! In s’istadi ci bengu casi donnia dí. Arribu a is noi, studiu, mi fatzu duus o tres bánnius, a prangiu mi papu unu paninu e torru a domu candu girat su bentu. You can bet on it! In the summer I come almost every day. I arrive at 9, I study, I jump in two or three times, I eat a sandwich at lunch and go home when the wind turns.
Ch E a ita ora (it’ora) girat? What time does it turn?
E Faci de (fac’e)  sa una. Around one o’clock.
Ch Ah, seis genti dengosa, eh… Ah, you are a spoiled people, eh…
E Ci funt duas oras de sa dí chi no si podint perdi a su Poetu, sempri in s’istadi. A mengianeddu, candu s’acua parit unu sprigu mannu de ollu de olia (oll’e olia), e in is diis bascosas meda, faci a is ses de merí. There are two moments in the day that cannot be missed at the Poetto, always in summer. Early in the morning, when the sea looks like a huge mirror of olive oil, and on very hot days, around 6 pm.
Ch E ita sutzedit? And what happens?
E Gé dd’as’a benni a biri… You’ll see… (litt.: you’ll come to see it one day…)




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